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The arch home real estate is a company specialized in real estate brokerage with over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. It was created with an objective of serving the public in purchase, sale, and management of real estate properties both at a local, national and international level to ensure satisfaction and safety of our client’s investment by offering solutions. The company was founded in response to the growing demand for property in Dubai. We work personally with partners and customers to develop solutions, identify problems, and reveal opportunities.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to advise our clients about the purchase, sale and/or rental of real estate properties through a personalized and high-quality service.

Our vision is to be the most competent, skilled, reliable, and successful property
developers, distinguished by the service focusing on excellence and achieving high returns for our investment partners.

We base our daily actions on the traditional values learned from our family, including

  1. Honesty, loyalty, moderation, and respect.
  2. Teamwork, organization, and social responsibility.
  3. Spirit of service, professionalism and global vision.

Our Services

Arch home Real estate specializes in different niches and provides services such as residential & commercial sales, residential & commercial leasing, land/assets acquisition/design consultation, real estate asset & portfolio management, international real estate, property management, and off-plan property specialist.

Residential & Commercial Sales

In buying or selling residential or commercial properties, most importantly, clients need advice they can trust without a doubt. Our agents combine their wealth of experience with our company’s infrastructure and operational excellence to deliver an unrivaled level of service in the region’s real estate market.

Our residential and commercial sales services include:

  • Act as intermediary between sellers and buyers
  • Provision of a comparative market analysis (CMA), which estimates the value of the property according to the potential selling price
  • A thorough marketing strategy based on solid data to expose Properties for good buyers
  • Orientation through the purchase process of a property
  • Orientation through the process of selling your property
  • Documentation and documents

Residential & Commercial Leasing

For the landlord or the occupant, good advice is essential. Our leasing team provides expertise and management strategies in all divestitures and acquisitions. We accompany you throughout the process, whether for pre-leasing, leasing or acquiring any type of asset.

Our residential and commercial leasing services include:

  • Acquisition and disposal of property
  • Provide a rental kit, which guides customers on the Rent their properties through us
  • Preparation of the lease

Real Estate Asset & Portfolio Management

Arch Home Strategic Financial Analysis delivers comprehensive integration of Dubai Real Estate information to deliver deep insights into that third of their client’s balance sheet comprising fixed assets. Arch Home connects all costs to specific business units and all assets to their intended purpose. By capturing the capital investments,
operating costs and total cost of ownership for a wide range of assets and by monitoring the interrelated processes that manage them Arch Home Strategic Financial Analysis quickly gives professionals the validated, relevant, and trusted data they need to make finance and operations decisions.

Property Management

We aim to optimize the value of assets through efficient management of real estate and facilities, specializing in villas, apartments, houses, apartments, and studios. Our duly licensed property managers have years of expertise in providing world-class, cost-effective and sustainable management solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Off-Plan Property Specialist

At Arch Home, we focus on off-plan sales of all developers, we have a dedicated team specializing in projects ranging from launch to transfer. This gives us the advantage in the market to be able to advise our investors on the right choice to make the time it is a long-term or short-term investment. Being one of the only companies to have a team focused on Off Plan has been our success over the years, which is illustrated in all of Dubai’s top developer awards.